The Concept


A world first dress…

Careaux has created a world first dress for women- a traditional innovation. We create timeless, classic dresses that change to fit each and every woman and her lifestyle instead of women feeling they have to change themselves to fit into dresses.

The Careaux dress fits to you by a zip around the waist, allowing the dress to be completely separated into a top and a skirt and reattached. This allows the dress to have a different size top to bottom, or the same size throughout. Not only that, the tops and skirts can also be interchanged to create different style, colour and fabric combinations.

A true labour of passion, over nearly a decade, each choice and step so carefully considered to create a beautiful and timeless innovation for you. Your favourite classics are adapted to you - creating a perfect piece, for you. The changeable elements allow the dress to grow and develop with you over time-  representing and reflecting the different parts of you along with the ability to pass down through generations and still be as special to them as it is to you.