Create Choice, Create Change: Jenny Garrett MBE

Jenny Garrett MBE is the co-founder of Rocking Ur Teens, a social enterprise focussed on equipping and inspiring young people to be leaders of the future. We were honoured to take part in Rocking Ur Teen's 'Teen Girls Empowerment Conference' last year where we got to meet the wonderful Jenny and the incredible girls as part of the speed mentoring session.  


Can you give a summary of the change you have created and how?

The change that we are creating is a more empowered and socially aware group of girls who will be equipped for the future whatever it holds.

Why did you want to create change?

Social media, and the media more broadly paint a picture of comparison, whether thats body image or academic achievement,  and doom and gloom for future jobs young people. We want them to know that they have unique qualities and skills and that they have the power to make positive change happen in their lives and the world, and they that don't need to have all the answers right now.

What change would you like to see?

Young people accepting themselves exactly as they are

Young people coming together collectively to have their voices heard as power for good

Young people not succumbing to stereotypes and instead breaking barriers

What actions can we take to help create that change?

Give young people more non traditional role models to inspire them

Less criticism and more acceptance of young people at the stage they are at

Be encouraging, even if it doesn't make sense to us, remember the jobs of the future don't even exist yet!