Founded by sisters, Laura (left) and Rachel (right), from an idea Rachel had when she was fourteen. She could not wait to tell Laura and from that moment Careaux was born. It has been their sole focus and dream ever since to together bring Careaux to life for women.

Rachel has always loved clothes, and remembers moments in her life by what she and others were wearing, how special the clothes made her feel and how each outfit was carefully constructed to tell a story. For one of her art pieces at school, Rachel designed and created a dress from start to finish with the help of her Nana, Theresa who had worked in a factory from when she was fourteen.

She had grown up in a time of tailoring and fitting every dress to each woman, with the perfect finish to every garment. She spoke with such passion about the importance of this and the love that went into seeing a garment come to life.

Rachel always associates that dress with precious moments with her Nana and fondly remembers her old Singer sewing machine and tin of buttons.

In 2012, Rachel and Laura trademarked Careaux in memory of her.

Alongside this, Laura had a deep love for investment pieces and Rachel used to borrow Laura’s clothes as part of her sisterly duties but there was always something she wanted to change but she couldn’t. Either the top was too big or skirt too small or she loved the skirt style but wanted a different top style or vice versa. Growing up, as mentioned, Maths was a huge part of Rachel’s life. She used to spend time thinking about solving problems from Maths problems to real world problems and thinking of different ways to reach the solution. Borrowing Laura’s clothes and the problems Rachel faced with fit and style brought to the forefront was the fact and contradiction that each and everyone one of us were different; different style, different size but clothing did not even acknowledge or reflect this. It never made sense to Rachel that there was still restricted sizing and little customisation to reflect the individual and the actual clothing had not changed for such a long time. These are what became the foundation of the idea for Careaux.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for your support. We cannot wait for you to be a part of Careaux. With love, Rachel and Laura x