Fashion Circle - Female Narratives x What's Your Legacy Clothes Swap

On Saturday 22nd February, we headed to the latest Fashion Circle event hosted by Female Narratives + What's Your Legacy, which was held at the Allbright Mayfair.

This instalment of the Fashion circle was a curated designer clothes swap rather than a shop, to support the sustainable circular fashion economy. The swap was a treasure trove and fashion paradise from DVF to vintage Levi's. 

The event also included an incredible panel focussed on sustainable fashion, including Catherine Teatum - founder & creative director Teatum & JonesVictoria Prew - founder of wardrobe rental platform HURRLaura Adrianna Romanin - conscious fashion advocate, clean tech expert & founder of KLEEN and Chaired by Madara Freimane - founder of What’s Your Legacy. The panel was amazing and it was so special to be surrounded by people who share our passion for sustainability and how we can come together for the good of the planet. 


It was so nice to catch up with Madara, who is wonderfully talented, we first met Madara last year when she shot our kickstarter campaign video. For the panel, I ended up sitting next to Nadia, who was from Manchester and used to work with my mum- such a small world! She also runs Showcase, a luxury sample sale company based in Lindsey Street, London. 

It was so nice to meet green make up artist Melanie, fashion tech entrepreneur Tanya from In Szn and Clara from the Conscious Tee over tea and coffee. It was also amazing to meet the  lovely and inspirational Laura Adrianna Romanin and Anna Felicia who is the brilliant photographer who captured the event. 

The event ended with a Charity Raffle with all the proceeds going to Red Cross Australia raising @225- well done girls! I cannot wait for the next one!