International Women's Day 2020 x Natwest Business

Rachel took part in the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator during her final year of university in 2017. She was the youngest entrepreneur in her cohort and it introduced her to the world of business and amazing people who are still making a positive impact on our lives today. 

Natwest are a massive supporter, champion and advocate not just for businesses but for women in business and the wonderful Heather Waters has driven this forward through her work with entrepreneurs and her support for enterprise.

In the run up to International Women’s Day 2020 a number of women in business in the North were interviewed about their stories, what role models mean to them and what can be done to inspire more women into business. 

We were invited to Leeds to film a short piece about Careaux with Heather and the amazing Martin Johnston and the content team. It was a really fun afternoon and it was lovely to not only share our story but to talk about role models and having belief in yourself and to catch up with Martin, who helped us so much nearly 3 years ago! 

There are many barriers to entrepreneurship and this is even more so if you are a woman. Alison Rose produced a review which can be read here which highlights these and what can be done and is being done to change this.

You can watch the video here and discover wonderful women in business and their stories here