Melissa Conner

@maduren @jbettcomm
Tell us a bit about yourself

I am mom to a 17 month old girl with another due in June. I run a media relations agency called Jennifer Bett Communications with my amazing business partner Jennifer Meyer who is also our Founder. We work with incredible fast-growing start-ups from fashion and beauty to food and beverage, predominantly female-run.

What makes you smile?

My 17 month old daughter of course. The silver lining of this quarantine is having more time with her and my husband. We are both working parents so as hard as working from home while caring for a toddler is, I am grateful for this extra time together as a family. Also, as I am writing this, I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers by Farmgirl Flowers from one of our team members (for no real reason) and it truly brightened my day.

What can we do to support others during this time?

Support small businesses if you can! Connect- I text my friends every day to see how they are doing; my sister is quarantining in Brooklyn with her roommate so we haven't seen her in weeks, and make sure to facetime her every day. Be thoughtful about every interaction you have whether its digital or six feet apart. Being kind now is more important than ever.

What have you been doing? (Any tips/ advice for isolation)

I am quarantining in a house with 4 adults and a 17 month old while 7 months pregnant so needless to say there is never a dull moment. We are all sharing toddler duties and working at the same time. My biggest tip is to take it one hour at a time, take deep breaths and try to focus on the positive. I can only ask for my family's health and we have that so perspective is key. For parents who feel they aren't doing enough, give yourself a break. Your kids are just happy to have more time with you. I do think its important to identify what you need to stay sane during this time even if its for 15 min a day. It will make all the difference.

Shoutout to someone

This is a hard one! So many people I'd want to shoutout. Shoutout to every parent home with a child right now, whether you are working or full-time parenting. It's SO hard but I am inspired by everything I see on social and around me- it's giving me strength when I need it the most.