Careaux is inspired by our childhood memories of making dresses with our Nana, who had worked in a factory from when she was fourteen. She had grown up in a time of quality, tailoring and fitting every dress to the individual she spoke with such passion about the importance of this and of the love that went into seeing a garment come to life.

Therefore, quality and fit are the foundations of Careaux.

Quality is paramount- from the most exquisite fabric curated from top Italian, Portugese and Japanese mills, with a heritage in combining luxury and quality to each Careaux piece perfectly and intricately tailored for you. A true celebration of the finest British craftmanship.

The fit is the characteristic of Careaux. Each and every one of us are our own shape and own size, all equally unique and different. Each Careaux piece is a celebration of our uniqueness, which changes to fit perfectly to you and your lifestyle.

We have been researching and developing for years to capture that feeling of finding the dress, your dress that you feel like you in -to cherish and treasure forever.


From the first spark of Careaux we wanted every decision and action we took, no matter how big or small, to have a positive impact on people, animals and the planet with sustainability, ethics and transparency at the heart.

This is a huge part of our vision for Careaux and we are always striving to innovate and become more and more sustainable. Here is a summary of our commitment to sustainability, ethics and transparency. We would love to hear your ideas.

Made in Britain

Each and every garment is beautifully tailored and crafted locally in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Our Suppliers

Laura and I have spent the last few years researching and sourcing the finest quality of fabric and materials from socially responsible and ethical suppliers. Suppliers who share our values and vision to treat everyone and the planet with kindness, from sustainable practices and goals, fair wages and treatment of employees,. All of our packaging is made from recycled material and is also recyclable. For example, our signature Careaux box is made in Britain and is designed for you to keep and store your memories in.

Made to Order

As part of our commitment to slow fashion, from the very beginning, your Careaux piece is made to order and tailored exclusively to you and for you.

Designed to Last

From the highest quality fabric that has been carefully hand picked by myself and Laura to timeless classic designs that are designed to last a lifetime and to become your forever favourite. Your Careaux pieces are designed with sustainability at the core, to be re-worn, recycled and to extend its active lifetime through our Careaux concept. The qualities and design will mean this is a dress for your life.


The Careaux dress is a true symbol of our uniqueness and our diversity, as each and every one of us has our own shape and style, each different and changing. Yet dresses have not changed and are still one size throughout - not accommodating to all the different shapes and styles we encompass and not accommodating to us as individuals.

We aim to democratise fashion and celebrate being you, any shape, any style, any age.