Lisa Ingleson, Rebecca Lowe (and Pheobe)

Tell us a bit about yourself

Lisa (L): Rebecca and I are sisters, I am 31 years young and Rebecca is 26. We both work as primary school teachers - I live in Manchester where we grew up and Rebecca now lives in Leicester. We absolutely love going to see live music or theatre shows, visiting friends and reading,  however since the arrival of my little girl Phoebe 3 years ago I definitely don’t do as much of this as I used to! 

Who is your role model and why?

Rebecca (R): My role model has always been my mum. She was the kindest and most selfless person I knew, who always put everybody else before herself, especially my sister and I. Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she stayed very optimistic and tried to keep a smile on her face in front of others. My mum taught me how to be a loving mum, to be brave when life gets tough and to find the happiness and joy in any difficult situation.

L:  She was super special and I am trying to use everything I learnt from her in bringing up my own little Phoebe. Career wise - my first teacher at 4 years old Mrs. Clifford is still so vivid in my memory and after spending just a day in her classroom I have always said I want to be a teacher, and often whilst teaching I will still take a step back and think what would Mrs. Clifford do?!  

What do you love most about Careaux?

R: I love how the concept came about from two sisters and their struggle when borrowing each other’s clothes and not finding the perfect colour, size or shape. Sharing a bedroom with my sister growing up, we were forever trying to borrow each other’s clothes although our body shapes were different and it did not always work! However, that is the fun of having a sister and I love that Laura and Rachel used this to think how they could create clothes to fit the individual not the individual trying to fit in the clothes. Careaux being designed by women for women is very empowering!

L:  I love how simple but amazing the concept is.  I find myself regularly mentioning Careaux to people and straight away they will say what an amazing idea it is!  Being slightly larger chested than the rest of my body it can be so frustrating to find an outfit to fit my body shape properly especially when it is for an occasion where you want to look your best and you know that with Careaux you will feel fantastic!   I also love that it is such a passion for Rachel and Laura and pretty much always has been and will always support women to follow their dreams!

Which is your favourite piece and why?

R: My favourite has to be the Eleanor Elizabeth (Sleeveless Midi) Dress. I love how it comes in three colours. You can swap and change the top and skirt, my personal favourite is the navy colour. The material is such beautiful quality and as soon as I put on the dress, it made me feel very elegant and sophisticated. It fit me perfectly and made me feel very feminine.  

L: If I had to choose a favourite it would be the Catherine Elizabeth (Sleeved Midi)- I love the fabric!  It feels so elegant from the very first touch.  I love how you would never know it is a skirt and a top with the hidden zip but because it is you get the ultimate fit and comfort from wearing it.  The only kind of fit I can compare it to is when I wore my wedding dress and if I’m honest this dress was definitely comfier!

Favourite book?

R: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I have re-read this book a few times now and it still brings me to tears every time I read it! It was made into a film which I watched with my mum and so I feel a personal connection whenever I think back to the story too.

L:The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella had me in absolute stitches and when it came out I was just starting my career and didn’t have much money behind me after university.  Rebecca Bloomwood is such a relatable character I can remember routing for her so much! 

Best piece of advice?

R: Live life to the full! 

Life is too short and there is no point looking back with regrets on things that you should have done or places you wish that you had visited. Live in the moment and enjoy times spent with those dear to you.

L: You only live once! 

Live in the moment and enjoy everything you do!  Don’t put things off because you never know what is round the corner, just go for it!

Which charities/causes you are passionate about and why?

R: Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity close to my heart because the nurses supported my mum through her final stages of life. Dad supported them a lot in her memory too and when he went through his final stages of cancer, the Macmillan nurse was so kind to him.

I also care about the Cystic Fibrosis Trust; the research they do is important so that they can care for people like Laura who have been living with this condition and not letting it hold her back from being the sensational entrepreneur that she is today!

What is your favourite way to style your Careaux piece?

 L: I have some dark sparkly Vivienne Westwood heels that I got from New York.  They are always my final touch to an outfit! 

What makes you smile most?

L: Most of the time I would say it’s my gorgeous little Phoebe!  She definitely makes everybody else laugh with her infectious personality!  I do count myself so lucky every single night when I give her a goodnight kiss.

My husband is incredible and has always been so supportive of me either in my career or through the tough few years we have had.

My friends are amazing, anyone who see us as a group always says how lucky we are to have such a big, supportive group of people around us and I wouldn’t change them for the world!  Like Laura and Rachel I am also very lucky to have a best friend as a sister she always knows the best things to say to make me smile.

What was your dream when you were 14?

R: I think my dream job was to become an author as I always loved writing my own stories and enjoyed English at school. 

How do you spend most of your time?

L: Running around after my toddler or booking places for us to go together, to keep adding to our special memories. 

What would you tell your 14 year old self?

L: To follow your dreams and never give up, no matter how hard it can get! 

What would you tell your 14 year old self?

R: I would tell myself to make the most of time with your family and even if they annoy you at times, let them know how much you appreciate them. Also don’t worry about your weight and appearance, when your happy on the inside you look beautiful on the outside!