Sharon Attia


Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm 25-years-old, I live with my best friend in Brooklyn and I work for The New York Times. I studied photojournalism at NYU and love the surprises that come from shooting in film. I was one of the editors on a New York Times book that came out in November called This Is 18, an expansion of a Times project where we commissioned young women photographers around the world to document 18-year-old girlhood in their communities. It was the coolest thing I've ever worked on. (For more stories like this, follow @nytgender on Instagram!)

What makes you smile?

Recently, my mom started taking a painting class which has become her favorite part of the week. Because of the coronavirus, the class has been put on pause -- but that didn't deter her. My mom set up her own little studio in the backyard and has started painting some of the photographs I've taken. ❤️

What can we do to support others during this time?

Check in on your loved ones, practice social distancing, support your local businesses, donate if you can and stay informed. 

What have you been doing? (Any tips/ advice for isolation)

Like everyone else, there's been A LOT more screen time happening. When I'm not working, I'm FaceTiming my friends and family, scrolling through TikTok or 'gramming the incredible food my roommate has cooked up (I do the dishes, I swear!). 

Shoutout to someone who has done something kind:
Shoutout to all the amazing workers on the frontlines who are risking their lives everyday to fight the pandemic. Shoutout to everyone who's practicing social distancing and proper safety measures. And shoutout to everyone -- especially my brother and sister -- who have shared a fire meme or made me laugh during these crazy times.