Create Choice, Create Change: Simone Roche MBE

Simone Roche is the founder and CEO of Northern Power Women, a campaign to accelerate gender equality from the North of England. Simone was awarded MBE in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to gender equality in the north of England. We met Simone back in 2018 and have been friends ever since- she has inspired so many through her work supporting and championing women. 


Can you give a summary of the change you have created and how?
I had an idea ….. what would happen if we changed where the conversation was coming from about gender equality.
What if we recognised celebrated and showcases role models to create a movement of role models in the North.
Now… 4 years on …. A community of 35k with a globally reaching podcast, mentoring programme and one of the largest awards ceremonies in the country to celebrate gender equality.
Why did you want to create change?
Impatience and the belief I could. We could.
What change(s) would you like to see?
An fair and equal North of England creating opportunities for all and raising aspirations and achieving our ambitious goals.
What actions can we take to help create that change?
We can all do something.
One mm of change.
One small action.
One minutiae of doing.
This will all add up to change for good.
Any advice on how to create change 
It will only happen if we join together and collaborate and it will only activate if we do!