Create Choice, Create Change: Sara Morel

Sara Morel is the founder of Reclaimed Woman, a London-based consultancy that showcases brands with a conscience and help people find ethical fashion and home fashions. Sara is a writer, publicist and stylist with over 10 years experience working in luxury fashion. 

I first met Sara over three years ago, when I had the privilege of hearing her speak at an event- we could listen to Sara talk about fashion all day and we have such admiration for her and her commitment to sustainability, which is so important to us.


Can you give a summary of the change you have created and how?

In 2016 I left my corporate fashion job to reclaim my life. Having educated myself about sustainability through the eco-friendly renovation of my home in London (with as many reused materials as possible), I changed my professional path to connect more with the personal journey I was on. How did I do it? I’ll let you know when I reach the end of the journey...

Why did you want to create change?

Renovating my home with reclaimed materials gave me the realisation that this world is our only home. The paradox between environmental awareness and fashion plays out in my daily life. I still struggle, but the more you learn about the crisis we’re facing, the more you want to change.   

What change would you like to see?

We need a major shift in our disposable culture. I would like to help change the way we see fashion and the way we dress ourselves and our homes.  The word sustainable is in danger of becoming as throwaway as fast fashion, and not just cheap fashion, as speed matters more than ever in the luxury market too. We need to ride the wave of increasing awareness and really push it in order to make sustainable practices stick.  

What actions can we take to help create that change?

The change can start in our own wardrobes with the way we value and take care of what we have and the research and respect we put into anything new. To borrow the words of Sir David Attenborough, 'We are all part of the deal.’

Any advice on how to create change

Figure out what matters to you most and start there. Live your philosophy.