London Fashion Week 2018: The Circle & UKAFF present 'The True Cost'

To celebrate London Fashion Week 2018, The Circle & UKAFF held a screening of the film 'The True Cost', which asks the critical question: who pays the price for our clothing?

The event was held at Regent Street Cinema and started with a panel from Livia Firth – Executive Producer, Safia Minney – Social Entrepreneur / Author of Slave to Fashion and Jessica Simor – QC. 

From the very beginning, Laura and I wanted to and made a promise that every action we took would have a positive impact on people, planet and animals, because why would anyone not want to? However, after seeing The True Cost this brought to the forefront the harsh reality of the alternative that exists in fast fashion. As the prices as our clothes decrease and decrease, the human and environmental cost has increased. I would urge every single person to watch this film and spread the word so together we can bring about the much needed change and also much deserved change for millions of garment workers who heartbreakingly risk their life every day to make our clothes. The film highlighted how nearly 85% of garment works are women, this just shows how un-ethical fashion is a women's rights issue too, so please use your voice and use your power to be a force for good and to create positive change- thank you so much to every single person who supports us and allows us to use your support to support ethical fashion. 

All proceeds from this screening went to support The Circle project “A Living Wage”, to find out more about this life-changing project please click here